Healthcare Real Estate Summit

31 May 2023 | Sydney + Virtual
Investment, Development, Construction And Design For Australia’s Growing Healthcare Real Estate Sector

Driven by the demand created by an ageing population, the need for proximity and convenience as well as strong investment fundamentals, the Australian Private Hospital and Medical Centre sector is forecast to grow by 65% to over $75 billion by 2050.

While only representing 25% of the industrial sector by value, returns from Healthcare consistently outperform other commercial sectors such as retail and office. Healthcare is a non-discretionary expense, no matter what is happening in the wider economy. Low volatility, typically long leases and strong demographic tailwinds make healthcare real estate increasingly attractive to both institutional and sophisticated private investors.

This is driving unprecedented interest in healthcare real estate as an asset class. New developments, a proliferation of specialist medical centres and pathology labs and the rise of healthcare precincts all present exciting new opportunities.

The Healthcare Real Estate Summit will bring together key players from across the entire ecosystem – organisations engaged in healthcare real estate design, development, investment, leasing and management  – to discuss strategies for delivering superior patient facilities and outcomes in alignment with new technology and increasing demand.

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Meet Our Speakers

Siobhan Leach

Group Sustainability Officer, Ramsay Healthcare

Rachel Hillyer

Chief Executive Officer, Forte Health (NZ)

Alex Belcastro

Senior Vice President – Precincts, NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT

Nanthesh Sivarajah

Associate Director, AustralianSuper

Chris Smith

General Manager, Healthcare Property, Australian Unity

Nicholas Skulander

General Manager, Healthcare, QIC

Lisa Hinde

Head of Sustainability, Real Estate Management Services, Colliers

Tom Patrick

Partner, Head of Healthcare Property, Barwon Investment Partners

Clare Solomon

Vice President Sustainability & Development, Northwest Healthcare Properties REIT

Srimathi Iyengar

Institutional Healthcare Portfolio Manager, Barwon Investment Partners

Aaron Hockly

Fund Manager, Vital Healthcare Property Trust

Sophie Mansour

Healthcare Portfolio Manager, Barwon Investment Partners

The Program

The Healthcare Real Estate Summit will bring together leaders involved in Healthcare Real Estate to discuss the following:

  • Reviewing the structure of Australia’s healthcare market: Sector size, asset typology, investment characteristics, technology adoption and ESG
  • Healthcare’s underlying demand drivers: Health industry trends and key demographic shifts
  • Development of Healthcare precincts and/or Medical Office buildings: what’s being built? Where? By whom?
  • Healthcare investment performance: Comparison to core sectors, total returns, yields and capital market activity
  • The outlook of the healthcare sector: Addressing inflationary pressures, the projected supply-demand balance and potential for investable universe growth
  • Technology and Innovation adoption in the Healthcare Real Estate Sector
  • ESG & Sustainability best practice across the Healthcare Real Estate Sector
  • A review of notable recent portfolio transactions
  • Brace for impact: How will the industry be impacted by health systems buying MOBS?
  • Compliance: Trends and regulation impacting healthcare real estate
  • What’s the report from the front-lines when it comes to leasing, management and operations?
  • Consumer facing healthcare is here—how is “Medtail” playing out from a real estate standpoint?
  • Is behavioral health the next big thing in healthcare/MOB real estate?
  • Enhancing the patient experience through thoughtful development & design
  • Merging hospitality & healthcare: Understanding consumer demands & operating efficiently
Schedule Dates

Conference Schedule

Wednesday | 31st May


Main conference registration & morning coffee


Opening remarks


Chairperson’s opening remarks

  • What’s driving value in healthcare real estate today? 
  • What notable transactions have taken place recently? 
  • What are the implications of an economic downturn on the sector? 
  • What’s the long-term outlook? 
Laila Burnet, National Director - Health, Aged Care & Seniors Living, M3 Property



KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Reviewing the latest development trends and key factors driving the demand for hospitals, medical centres, and the rise of medical precincts

Examining emerging trends driving change and creation of Healthcare Precincts and the proliferation of Medical and Diagnostic Centres across Australia and how are the latest key drivers affecting the Healthcare evolving the Real Estate sector. 

  • How are factors such as ageing population, remote health delivery, patient experience and digital technology changing healthcare expectations and demand? 
  • How has the pandemic changed demand for private hospitals and elective surgeries? 
  • What other key trends and demographic changes are likely to move the dial in relation to healthcare demand and service provision? 
Rose Herceg, President, WPP Australia & New Zealand

PANEL DISCUSSION: Beyond the hype – Examining the drivers behind the key trends to unveil new opportunities across the Healthcare Real Estate sector

Healthcare is not immune to the pressures impacting the rest of the industry across Australia such as interest rates rises and soaring building costs. However, there are big opportunities in place for both large precinct style projects and for the nimble, advanced health centres which are dotting our suburbs in increasing numbers.  

  • Moving beyond the demographics, what are the latest opportunities driven by the healthcare sector? 
  • What is the unique planning, design and build considerations for healthcare assets? 
  • How could the short stay hospital model impact the healthcare sector? 
  • Leasing and managing healthcare facilities in an evolving healthcare environment 
  • Overcoming the lack of technology adoption within healthcare portfolios 
Alex Belcastro, Senior Vice President – Precincts, NorthWest Healthcare Properties REIT
Chris Smith, General Manager, Healthcare Property, Australian Unity
Tom Patrick, Partner, Head of Healthcare Property, Barwon Investment Partners
Edward Lower, Head of Property – Leasing and Acquisitions, ForHealth
Facilitated by
David Bruce-Clarke, National Director, Alternative Investments Valuation, Jones Lang LaSalle

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Morning coffee & networking break



ESG PANEL DISCUSSION: Assessing the role of ESG within Healthcare Real Estate assets

As the entire world moves to a more sustainable approach to real estate, it is no surprise that healthcare assets are looking to embrace ESG principles across design, build and asset management. In this session we examine the drivers behind this movement and what impact it is having on hospitals & medical centres across Australia. 

  • How are hospitals & medical centres addressing the need for greater sustainability? 
  • What lessons can healthcare learn and apply from other real estate asset classes? 
  • Measuring the social value provided by healthcare assets that focus on mental health 
  • How can technology support data-driven decisions and better ESG outcomes? 
Siobhan Leach, Group Sustainability Officer, Ramsay Healthcare
Clare Solomon, Vice President Sustainability & Development, Northwest Healthcare Properties REIT
Srimathi Iyengar, Institutional Healthcare Portfolio Manager, Barwon Investment Partners
Facilitated by
Lisa Hinde, Head of Sustainability, Real Estate Management Services, Colliers

CASE STUDY I: Developing Net Zero Hospitals

The healthcare sector is responsible for 7% of carbon emissions in Australia & 4.4% emissions globally. Furthermore, Hospitals and medical centres are amongst some of the heaviest polluters in the world, producing massive amounts of single-use waste and toxic emissions. Hospitals are not typically new buildings and for them to become net-zero it can be quite a challenge. In this case study, we look at how innovation, the design and build of modern hospitals is transforming the industry by allowing them to become net-zero emitters.  

  • How we developed a green star rating for hospitals? 
  • Achieving a net-zero outcome by working with the right architect to deliver on the design and vision. 
  • How do you convince the board to go on the net zero journey? 
  • Developing a Sustainability Committee to set the vision and ensure accountability to the end goal 
  • Examining the importance of offsetting and other approaches to realise true net-zero outcomes? 
Rachel Hillyer, Chief Executive Officer, Forte Health (NZ)
Stuart Hay, Director, Wilson and Hill Architects
Rowan Schouten, Chairman, NHL Properties

REAL ESTATE TECH TALKS: Examining the technologies driving better outcomes in Healthcare Real estate

In this rapid-fire session, we hear from 4 forward thinking Tech companies and how they are creating technologies shaping the future of healthcare real estate. We examine the tech that is disrupting the sector, driving innovation, and creating opportunities for real estate professionals, developers, and healthcare professionals alike. 

PropTech 1:  

PropTech 2: 

PropTech 3: 

PropTech 4: 


Lunch & networking break



PANEL: INVESTORS INSIGHTS - Looking at capital flows, performance, and ongoing returns

Healthcare and social infrastructure is at the centre of our lives and, increasingly, a major focus for property players after years of being overlooked. Now, the once niche area is taking centre stage as developers and investors alike chase its positive dynamics.  

  • Healthcare investment performance: Comparison to core sectors, total returns, yields and capital market activity 
  • The outlook of the healthcare sector: Addressing inflationary pressures, the projected supply-demand balance and potential for investable universe growth 
  • How can the combination of private capital combined with the public sector bridge the funding gap to supply healthcare services across Australian and New Zealand 
  • What are the implications as more Superfunds and international investors get involved in Australian healthcare real estate? 
  • What are the tech investment opportunities for healthcare developers & investors as the sector grows?  
Aaron Hockly, Fund Manager, Vital Healthcare Property Trust
Sophie Mansour, Healthcare Portfolio Manager, Barwon Investment Partners
Laila Burnet, National Director - Health, Aged Care & Seniors Living, M3 Property
Sam Wood, Director, Healthcare Fund Manager, RAM Group
Vijitha Yogavaran, Fund Manager, Centuria Healthcare
Facilitated by
Nanthesh Sivarajah, Associate Director, AustralianSuper

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Interactive Round Table Discussions

In this session we bring together delegates in a series of 4 x 40 minute facilitated round table discussions, with leading industry experts. Join a table that most interests you and discuss the latest technology and industry trends with likeminded individuals. This will be followed by a 1-minute wrap up by Table Facilitators, summarising the dialogue of each of their tables. 

Round Table 1: Examining Innovation and trends in Retirement Real Estate 
Tony Massaro Partner, Integrated Infrastructure Real Estate Advisory, PwC


Round Table 2: Examining leasing and development opportunities across healthcare projects in Australia
Sandro Peluso, Director, Healthcare and Social Infrastructure APAC, CBRE


Round Table 3: The digitalisation of Hospitals and Medical Centres

Round Table 4: Developing Net Zero Hospitals 

Tony Massaro, Partner, Integrated Infrastructure Real Estate Advisory, PwC
Sandro Peluso, Director, Healthcare and Social Infrastructure APAC, CBRE

Afternoon coffee & networking break



CASE STUDY II: Developing the Murdoch Health & Knowledge Precinct

The future of healthcare infrastructure is in larger mixed-use precincts which combine health facilities with aged care, universities, retail, health providers, offices, and hospitality in one cluster. One such example is the Murdoch Health & Knowledge Precincts in Western Australia. In this case study we hear from Master Developer Hesperia on all the issues they met from concept to design; build to obtaining Green Star Ratings and the innovation involved for the 1.2ha site which includes everything from 2 hospitals, medical centres, a university, and TAFE College to a patient family hotel; commercial office and medical suites, retail and more.  

  • Why was Murdoch chosen to be a Healthcare Precinct? 
  • Looking at the concept origination  
  • Examining stakeholder engagement across the project 
  • Tenancy mix  
  • Looking at the impact of COVID on the project 
Kyle Jeavons, Director, Hesperia


Examining how is innovation will create new opportunities across the healthcare sector and what will the industry look like in the future? 

In this session we look into the crystal ball to see what the future holds for innovation, technology, sustainability, and new types of collaboration in healthcare sector and how it is creating new opportunities for healthcare professionals and their tenants. 

  • How is the medical industry evolving? Merging hospitality & healthcare, understanding consumer demand & operating efficiently 
  • Consumer facing healthcare is here—how is “Medtail” playing out from a real estate standpoint? 
  • Is behavioral health the next big thing in healthcare real estate? 
  • How will the popularity of healthcare precincts evolve and what will the landscape be like in the decades to come? 
  • How will sustainability continue to drive innovation across healthcare real estate assets? 
Nicholas Skulander, General Manager, Healthcare, QIC
Sarah Macklin, Director - Urban Planning, Development & Precincts, Urbis
Carl Adams, Managing Director, SMS Healthcare
Tracy Lord, Health Lead, Billard Leece Partnership
Facilitated by
Sam Biggins, Partner, National Head of Life Sciences, Capital Markets, Knight Frank

Cocktails and networking


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