3RD Annual
Healthcare Real Estate Summit


The total value of Australia’s private hospital real estate sector is forecast to hit $41 billion by 2041 – a rise of 63 per cent in less than 20 years – on the back of investment in new facilities to cater for the medical needs of an ageing population and a rise in the take-up of private health insurance by younger Australians.

As a result, major property players are stepping up their exposure to healthcare – as returns from traditional areas such as office are battered by rising rates and higher investment expectations.

Long leases to major tenants with rents linked to CPI increase has made healthcare increasingly appealing. As well as being an inflation hedge, healthcare real estate is buoyed by demographic trends and plays as well regionally as it does in the capital cities.

Super and property funds, are also diversifying into healthcare as the values of their traditional office investments slump.

With this in mind, the 2nd annual Healthcare Real Estate Summit will bring together the leading owners, investors, developers, intermediaries and everyone allied to the healthcare real estate sector to discuss strategies for designing, building, investing, operating and managing superior healthcare facilities in alignment with increasing demand.

Speakers and attendees will include leading players in the healthcare real estate industry from across the country, who will discuss the latest news and trends across investment, development, financing and leasing/operations.

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Meet Our 2024 Speakers

Priscilla Radice

Deputy Director General Health Capital Division, Queensland Health

Siobhan Leach

Group Sustainability Officer, Ramsay Healthcare

Alex Belcastro

Senior Vice President, Development and Precincts, NorthWest Healthcare Properties

David Foran

Head of Health, Corporate and Institutional, ANZ

David Simpson

Chief of Strategy and Partnerships, Southern Cross Healthcare

Shay Ramalingam

Director, EG Funds

Jodie Toohey

Associate Director of Property & Leasing, Royal Melbourne Hospital

Chris Smith

General Manager, Healthcare Property, Australian Unity Wealth

The Program


  • Australian Healthcare Real Estate Outlook: Investment performance and demand drivers of the healthcare real estate sector
  • Capital markets acquisitions and dispositions and future joint ventures
  • Operations best practices
  • Healthcare provider strategies
  • How ESG is impacting Healthcare Real Estate development and operations
  • Leasing and market economics
  • Coping with unprecedented capital constraints
  • Real estate demand for behavioural health
  • The design evolution of Medical Facilities and MOBs
  • Financing medical real estate in a high interest environment
  • Building and designing with patient care in mind: A look at today’s tech and innovative trends that are revolutionising the patient experience
  • Building & designing today for facilities of tomorrow – construction, development & design
  • Sustainable healthcare real estate strategies – towards net zero
  • Building automation for modern health facilities
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Opening remarks

Smeet Patel, Conference Producer, Future Place



CHAIRMAN'S WELCOME | Healthcare in Australia – A market overview of operating, investing and developing

  • Examining the key trends in healthcare, with a focus on Hospitals 
  • Exploring the capital flows and where the capital is coming from? 
  • Assessing the challenges and solutions for healthcare developments 
  • What’s the healthcare market’s outlook 
Shalain Singh, Managing Director & CEO, Arrow Advisory Group

OWNERS PANEL DISCUSSION | Unlocking success - Navigating the evolving terrain of healthcare real estate  

Healthcare represents 10% of Australia’s GDP and employs 14.4% of the working population, making that sector the country’s biggest employer. In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare real estate, industry professionals face a multitude of challenges and opportunities. This panel delves deep into the strategies and insights required to unlock success in this dynamic sector.

  • How do you make a healthcare development stack up? 
  • ESG integration in healthcare real estate: Driving sustainability and value in asset ownership 
  • Building & designing today for facilities of tomorrow: Construction, development & design 
  • Cultivating collaboration: Partnerships and stakeholder engagement in healthcare real estate ownership 
Alex Belcastro, Senior Vice President, Development and Precincts, NorthWest Healthcare Properties
Chris Smith, General Manager, Healthcare Property, Australian Unity Wealth
Robert Pepicelli, Head of Portfolio, Healthcare, Life Sciences and Education, ISPT
Jonathan Greenwood, Senior Development Manager – Community Real Estate, Healthcare, Stockland
Emma Hunt, Executive Lead – Property and Assets, Lutheran Services Australia
Facilitated by:
Sam Biggins, Partner – National Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences, Knight Frank

Morning refreshments & networking break




In this session we bring owners, developers, operators, architects, fit-out companies, and tech firms together in small focus groups to talk through the most pressing issues facing the healthcare real estate sector today. This will be followed by a 2-minute wrap by table facilitators. 

Round Table 1: Charting a sustainable path: Navigating ESG practices in healthcare real estate
Siobhan Leach, Group Sustainability Officer, Ramsay Healthcare
Round Table 2: Cap rates in healthcare real estate: Understanding trends, impacts, and future projections
Sam Biggins, Partner – National Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences, Knight Frank
Round Table 3: Leasing for healthy futures: Strategies to optimise healthcare real estate tenancies
Peter Beale, Senior Asset Manager, Australian Unity Wealth
Round Table 4: Precincts, the way to unlock healthcare development
Shalain Singh, Managing Director & CEO, Arrow Advisory Group
Round Table 5: Healthy spaces, thriving communities: Innovations in healthcare real estate development Moderated by: Calibre Interiors
Steven McLean, Design Principal, Calibre Healthcare Interiors



KEYNOTE SESSION: QLD Health’s ambitious commitment to healthcare

Queensland’s population is projected to surge by nearly 29% over the next decade and to accommodate this remarkable growth, Queensland Health has embarked on an extensive overhaul of its health infrastructure planning and delivery across the state. The nearly $15 billion Capital pipeline aims to add 3300 beds to hospitals by 2028. Guided by Queensland Health’s inaugural design principles, with a focus on people-centered infrastructure tailored to local needs of the almost 6.7 million by 2036.

  • Exploring Queensland Health’s projects pipeline with centralised coordination and shared expertise to achieve  effective delivery 
  • Implementing Queensland Health’s first set of design principles and partnership-based model with Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) prioritises to achieve flexible, future-fit infrastructure for sustainable healthcare delivery 
  • Addressing challenges and seizing opportunities in partnerships
Priscilla Radice, Deputy Director General Health Capital Division, Queensland Health

Change management and digital co-design for geographically dispersed workforces

This case study explores how to manage change and implement new technologies for geographically dispersed workforces in healthcare. We’ll delve into strategies for fostering employee buy-in and collaboration across locations.

  • Managing concerns about stakeholders derailing consultation activities 
  • The role of consumers 
  • Meaningful engagement with geographically dispersed workforces  
  • What might be possible with these types of engagements?  
Alicia Cook, Managing Director, Emerson Health

Lunch and networking break




In this rapid-fire session, we hear from 5 forward thinking companies and how they are shaping the future of healthcare real estate. We examine the ideas that is disrupting the sector, driving innovation, and creating opportunities for real estate professionals, developers, and healthcare professionals alike.  


Talk 1
Jerry Kennard, Chief Executive Officer, Evoke Projects
Talk 2
Hamed Fararoui, Head of Client Solutions, Green Peak Energy
Talk 3
James Sturch, Technical Director ROW, SolarEdge Technologies
Talk 4:
Andrew Waugh, General Manager – Sales & Marketing, Precise Air Group
Facilitated by:
Simon Hayes, Commercial Real Estate Subcommittee, Proptech Association Australia



INVESTOR PANEL | Healthcare Real Estate Investment - Strategies and Trends

  • Preserving profitability: Addressing margin compression in healthcare real estate investments 
  • What is the expected return on healthcare assets moving forward? 
  • Where are investments coming from and what are the financial resources being dedicated directly to care? 
  • Unlocking value: Evaluating book valuations in healthcare real estate assets 
  • Cap rate dynamics: Analysing key metrics in healthcare real estate investments 
David Foran, Head of Health, Corporate and Institutional, ANZ
Tom Patrick, Partner, Director and Head of Healthcare Property, Barwon Investment Partners
Trudy Rickard, Senior Vice President – Funds, Northwest Healthcare Properties
Shay Ramalingam, Director, EG Funds
Facilitated by:
Tony Massaro, Partner, KordaMentha Real Estate

Afternoon refreshments and networking break



CASE STUDY | Sunshine Private Hospital - How ESG principles are driving innovation and success in healthcare real estate

Sunshine Private Hospital is a prime example of how healthcare real estate can be developed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. The hospital was designed and built to meet the highest environmental standards, and it features a range of innovative features that reduce its environmental impact. One of the most significant features of Sunshine Private Hospital is its solar power system. The hospital has a 1.2MW solar panel system that generates enough electricity to power the entire hospital. This system reduces the hospital’s reliance on fossil fuels and saves it millions of dollars in energy costs each year. During this session we will hear from Peter Beale who has been primarily involved with this project since its inception. 

Peter Beale, Senior Asset Manager, Australian Unity Wealth

PANEL DISCUSSION | Operator & Tenant Perspectives - Redefining healthcare real estate for tomorrow

  • What are major hospital systems, providers and developers considering when building the next generation of medical facilities? 
  • ESG Excellence: Navigating sustainability practices in healthcare real estate operations 
  • What is the report from the frontlines when it comes to leasing, management, and operations? 
  • Building & Designing Today For Facilities of Tomorrow – Construction, Development & Design 
  • How can building automation enhance the functionality of modern health facilities? 
David Simpson, Chief of Strategy and Partnerships, Southern Cross Healthcare
Mark Sweeney, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Avive Healthcare
Andrea Carr, National Property and Leasing Lead, Calvary Group
Jodie Toohey, Associate Director of Property & Leasing, Royal Melbourne Hospital
Jerry Kennard, Chief Executive Officer, Evoke Projects
Facilitated by:
Jimmy Tat, Director, CBRE

Cocktails and networking


Close of Summit

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The Healthcare Real Estate Summit is a senior level forum for executives looking for strategic approaches and solutions to drive growth and innovation.

  • Owners & Developers
  • Investors
  • Fund managers
  • Large tenants
  • Architects/Designers
  • Construction/Fit-out firms
  • Healthcare facility design and planning companies
  • Consulting & legal firms
  • Sustainability/energy efficiency firms

Anyone involved in providing services or solutions to the sector.

Job titles:

  • Strategy/Operations
  • Planning/Development
  • Funds/Investment
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Construction/Design
  • Sustainability/ESG
  • Sales/Leasing


VP & Director
Heads of/Managers


Workplace Strategy/Experience
People & Culture
Real Estate/Property
Executive Management
Digital Technology



Landlords - owners of office space, flex space operators

Agencies/ intermediaries

Office design & fit-out firms/consultants

Architects (building and space design)

Tech companies

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